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Path of Totality Map showing where Fenley Farms is on the map for 2024 Great North American Eclipse.


Fenley Farms is proud to open their gates to the public for the viewing of the total solar eclipse of 2024 in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. A total solar eclipse, known as the "Great North American Eclipse," will follow a path of totality across 13 U.S. states, including Oklahoma. Crowds are anticipated to be large and it could be very difficult to traverse the area - therefore, you will want to get settled early to beat the traffic! Purchase a day pass to visit on the day of, April 8, 2024 - or extend your Total Solar Eclipse experience by arriving early end enjoying the the many adventures in the Beavers Bend, Broken Bow and Hochatown area, while camping under the stars at Fenley Farms. Come enjoy the family fun attractions and beautiful nature to explore


Not many are familiar with what to expect during this phenomenon in the sky. The total solar eclipse (aka what you came for) will start at 1:45 p.m. and last until roughly 1:50 p.m. The sky will darken to dusk or dawn levels of light, wildlife will go silent, and temperatures may drop 10-15 degrees. If you listen closely, you might even hear some pots and pans banging together, as is tradition with the Choctaw tribe that calls the area home.


There are 3 types of Solar Eclipses:

• Partial

• Annular

• Total


Total Solar Eclipses are not ever visible from the North and South Poles.


The width of the path of totality is usually about 160 km.


Depending on the geometry of the the Sun, Moon and Earth - there could be up to 5 Solar Eclipses in a year. 


In Ancient times, people thought a Solar Eclipse was actually a sign of the Gods being angry.



Shadows looks different due to there being less ambient light during the Eclipse.


During the Eclipse, the ground suddenly cools, just like at sunset. This means warm air stops rising from the ground, causing a drop in wind speed.


Birds will stop chirping and other animals can get confused and act differently. Some will think it is time to sleep.


The temperature cools by 10-15º during a Total Eclipse.


After a Total Eclipse, it takes about an hour before total sunlight is restored.


Picture of eclipse viewing glasses


Staring at Sun, or attempting to watch the Eclipse without viewing glasses is NOT SAFE, as it can burn your retinas and cause serious damage to your eyes.

Fenley Farms has glasses available for your purchase. Simply add them to your Reservation Purchase. 

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